To activate a LEO Alert, the following steps must occur

in this order:


1. The local law enforcement agency of jurisdiction will call

FDLE’s Florida Fusion Center (FFC) desk at 850-410-7645. This

LEO Alert point of contact is manned 24 hours a day, seven

days a week.


2. FDLE’s on-call supervisor will work with the investigating

agency to offer assistance, ensure the activation criteria have

been met and determine if the alert will be displayed regionally

or statewide.


3. FDLE will work with the investigating agency to prepare

information for public release, including suspect and/or vehicle

information, as well as agency contact information.


4. FDLE will contact the Florida Highway Patrol’s Orlando

Regional Communications Center (ORCC) to send the LEO

Alert. The ORCC communications supervisor will relay that

information to other regional communication centers where

the activation is taking place.


5. FDLE will contact FDOT’s Orlando Regional Transportation

Management Center to develop the message content using the

FDOT-approved template which includes vehicle information,

tag number and other identifiers.


6. FDOT will display the message until the offender(s)

is captured or for a maximum of six hours. The alert will be

displayed on dynamic highway message signs on all requested

highways unless a traffic emergency occurs, which requires a

motorist safety message to be displayed. FDOT also will record

a LEO Alert message on the 511 system when the LEO Alert is



7. The same activation steps will be used if there is revised

vehicle information or a broadcast area is changed.


8. Once FDLE is notified that the offender(s) has been

captured, FDLE will contact the appropriate parties to

cancel the alert. FHP then will notify its other offices of the